The Book Challenge

When talking to friends, coworkers, and acquaintances I am often discouraged when I ask what they like to read. Most people read very little, they don’t read at all, or they limit themselves to one genre. Everyone falls into the trend of reading their new favorite genre. For over a year, my genre has been young adult dystopian and fantasy novels. Over this summer break I want to expand my literary interests and so have issued a challenge to myself: To read fifty books in four months.

The idea for this started several years ago and was finally decided three months ago. While reading about an interview with Garth Nix in the back of his book Mister Monday the interviewer asked him what advice he would give to anyone wanting to be a writer. His answer was to read as much as you can and not just one genre. The way I’ve come to see this is that if you don’t read a vast variety of books, you will only be able to write one type of story and it will be difficult to write anything unique.

The reason I decided to make this challenge a reality is because of my past semester at school. I took two Literature classes and after reading over forty books in four months how hard could fifty be? So over the next several months I will be posting my personal reviews and thoughts about each book that I read. Unfortunately I have more motivation to read than to start a blog there for I have to play catch up for the ones that I have already read. Happy reading!

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3 Responses to The Book Challenge

  1. crochetqueen228 says:

    Looking forward to following you here. Congratulations!


  2. jbrianrice says:

    I like this challenge a lot. In December I collected all of Stephen King’s novels, (80+), and made the lofty goal of reading them all in one year. Ha! The Stand took me more than month. I’m reading The Dead Zone right now. I wanted to blog them, but never got around to starting. You gave me the kick in the pants that I needed. Anyway, I’m also playing catch-up and will stay tuned to your posts. Do likewise to mine, sir!


  3. ljpaul5b3g says:

    Awesome blog. You write and review very well.


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