2015 Book Challenge

As many of you may be aware, last summer I challenged myself to read 50 books between May and mid September. I didn’t quite make it, reading only 43 books :(. However, I’m determined to try again. This year I’m feeling impatient, so instead of waiting till the end of the semester I’m going to get a little bit of a jump-start and start my new book challenge now.

This challenge is going to be a little different from what I tried last year, and I think it’ll be a little more interesting and challenging as well. This year there are 49 tasks to complete, which totals at 52 books, and my goal is to complete each challenge before the end of summer break on September 14th.

Though I know everyone has enjoyed reading my reviews of books so far, I would invite anyone who is interested to complete the challenge with me. Comment with what books you read for which challenge! For those who are interested this is the link you can use to find the challenge:


I’ll make sure to post in the title which task I’m completing. Thank you all for your support so far. I hope you all find a new great book. Thanks for reading!

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