Task #45: A Book Written by an Author with Your Same Initials – Before I Go to Sleep

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It’s books like this that get me discouraged about my writing. It just doesn’t seem fair that someone can write a book like this as their debut novel. Such authors set the bar rather high for the rest of us.

Christine is a woman in her mid forties living in London who wakes up everyday with the memories she had when she was in her early twenties. Sometimes she can’t remember anything past her early teens. Each morning her life is a whirl of confusion and fear, not knowing who she is or why she is sleeping next to a man she’s never seen before: her husband. Yet with the help of a journal in which she records the accounts of each day, she is able to read what has happened in days past, but the more she reads the less she’s sure there’s anyone she can trust, including herself.

To get this out there, I don’t usually read thrillers. As I’m sitting in my bed writing this I can’t think of having ever read a thriller before this, so I don’t have anything to compare it with. This may be a good or bad thing, you can decide.

To be honest I didn’t think it was much of a thriller until the end. The rest of the book was establishing character and slowly unraveling the plot one layer at a time. I thought it was great. Everything that happened, sometimes seeming trivial or strange, led up to the final chapter, thus setting the stage for a highly dramatic plot twist that left me thinking about it for hours afterward. I don’t want to say too much in case I ruin the ending for anyone who might want to read it, but I will say that it was one of those books where the ending improved the book from good to phenomenal.

However, a book like this doesn’t end when you finish the last page; it continues for days as you think over the events that took place, the characters involved, and the climax of the written story. The reality is that all stories take place somewhere in the middle. There are countless events that take place before, and plenty more that continue after. Each story we read, watch, or experience is sandwiched between countless other events, many having no less of a noteworthy nature than others. Because of the style of the book and the fact that the main character remembers so little about her past, I continued to wonder about what happened after the end of the book, as well as what the main character was like before she lost her memory. Her life, though seemingly ordinary in most regards, became something I desperately wanted to learn more about.

This is the reason why so many people get wrapped up in book series’: they want to continue following the characters that they have grown to love. They are as real to them as the people they see on the streets every day. Yet there is something wonderful about a stand-alone novel. As is the case with this book, I am able to come up with my own belief for what happens after the final page. I can explore the different avenues available to the character, and this in a sense allows the book to live even longer because I can create countless endings. The only limit is my imagination.

P.S. Do not watch the movie trailer or look up the movie on IMDB as this will completely ruin the entire book and not just the end.

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