The 2016 Reading Challenge

Hello Everyone. I’m back (hopefully) after an extended period of hiatus due to a mixture of school and personal crisis. It’s often still a struggle to keep myself focused on simple tasks such as homework, blogging, and feeding myself, but I realize that there are those of you out there who count on my blog to bring you updates on good books to explore. So here’s to a good (and consistent) rest of the year.

Some of you are probably familiar with the reading challenges I assign to myself, and some of you are also familiar with my inability to complete said book challenges, but I do my best and try to make it fun for myself and for all of you. So as I announce that I will be starting another challenge to read 75 books by the end of the year I can guess what you may be thinking: “Why does he keep doing this to himself? Does he like the feeling of failure?” “75! Why does he keep increasing the quota every year after he fails his previous challenge?” To be honest I can only assume I do like the feeling of failure or I would try harder to be successful, and I’m not really increasing the quota since I will be giving myself all year to complete this challenge instead of just the summer months.

And for anyone who doesn’t know, I did fall short in last years challenge. My goal was to read 52 books to complete 49 challenges and I ended up being about 12 books short of my goal.

So I hope you will all enjoy my reviews this upcoming year. I will try to include more pieces on writing and authors since those seemed to be popular in the past.

Thank you all for your continued support of my blog! I have appreciated the comments some of you have left and I hope to hear more from you in the future. In the meantime, keep reading!

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