To Those People Searching for the Elusive Genius Hiding in the Corner

How many of you have tried to create something, worked until your brain was bleeding from the effort of doing your best, and finished it feeling like there was something missing, like some piece of inspiration had forgotten to show up to work and left you there to struggle on your own?

If you have, then Elizabeth Gilbert, author of the international bestseller Eat Pray Love, has words of wisdom specifically directed at you.


Being a creator is difficult work at its best; what with self-doubt creeping into your daily thoughts, criticism and doubt from your friends and family who are worried you’ll become a mentally unstable drug addict, and the insatiable need to create when the passion grips you, it’s little wonder that there is such a stigma against artists of any kind. So take a step back, breath, and embrace the reality that inspiration is a far more magical concept than many feel comfortable believing.

In Elizabeth Gilbert’s TED talk, “Your Elusive Creative Genius,” she discusses all of these things with profound insight and a generous splash of personal experience that may not convince everyone of inspiration’s mystical qualities, but should shed insight of some kind into the minds of anyone who has ever had the desire to create something new, but feared the depths of despair that tend to come with it.

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