7 – Calamity: What Does it Take to Bring Down a God?


We return with the final book in The Reckoner’s trilogy. A sad and/or exciting day for Brandon Sanderson fans as we discover all the secrets to the alternate future where Epics reign with an iron fist, but the characters we love and the story we enjoyed are coming to an end. I would have cried, but it ended perfectly.


At the end of book two Prof had transcended to become a High Epic, Regalia was killed, and Megan did the impossible by overcoming her powers to work alongside the Reckoners. Now, David has rebuilt his team and set out to do the impossible: save the most powerful High Epic from himself. To do so he will have to infiltrate a city during a coup, discover the greatest fear of the most powerful man alive, and keep everyone alive in the process.

But Prof is Prof. One of the greatest minds to oppose the Epics is now an epic himself, and David soon discovers that saving Prof may not be the toughest obstacle that stands in his way to finding the cure for Epics.

Sanderson never fails to amaze. His stories are creative, his writing is phenomenal, and his hooks and leads are precision instruments, capturing the audience and leading them along with just enough information and detail that they’re left turning page after page to find out what happens next. By the time I reached the middle of the book the story became my drug: the words injecting adrenaline through my fingers and into my bloodstream with every turn of the page.

For those who don’t know, I have been struggling with depression for some time. Motivation has become an elusive creature, dodging my every attempt to get things done or enjoy what I love. My wife preordered Calamity as a Valentine gift for me and I began reading it almost immediately after it arrived (yes, that was a while ago, and yes, I am behind on my blogging). I finished it a couple days later, and for the first time in a long time I was energized. I have a question for all you motivated, not depressed people: How do you handle that much energy all of the time? I felt as if I had been transformed from a sloth to a cheetah, but with no idea how to handle the increase in energy. If nothing else, Brandon Sanderson should be read by more people for the adrenaline you feel as you’re waging through one of his adventures with the rest of the characters.

It is a time of conflict in this fictional world, but people are people, and boys will be boys. In talking to a friend about the book she said she disliked the main character for the way he was obsessed with Megan. This is understandable, but he is a teenage boy. For all those people reading this who are, or were at some point in their life, a teenage boy I think you’ll be able to relate. With hormones raging most of the time, teenage boys think about pretty girls a lot. We’re just not used to reading about it in a book, but I think David’s character captured the reality of life as a teenage boy trying to save the world without being too obnoxious.

Super heroes are the new fad these days. With Marvel and DC studios pushing out movies with the speed and alacrity of a catholic rabbit, the world is becoming inundated with superheroes. Books have been on this trend for a while, but they have picked up in production as well, and the random merchandise has tagged along. We love our super heroes, but Sanderson takes this growing fad and spins it on its head. It’s not up to the super humans to save the world; it’s up to the regular human beings to save it from the supers.

We all need heroes, but sometimes I find myself wishing there were more heroes we could relate to and less we looked to for protection. In reality, people become heroes through hard work, determination, and courage. It was nice to see heroes overcome inhuman odds using the same traits that we can all possess if we try. In a world where chaos is always outside our door, Sanderson gives us a book to show us that we can face the chaos ourselves. We can make a difference when we are willing to face any calamity that confronts us.

Rating: ★★★★★

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