7 Days/7 Books Challenge…. And Contest!

7 Days/7 Books Challenge…. And Contest!

Beginning on Monday (May 16, 2016) and ending Sunday (May 22, 2016) at midnight I will be reading 7 books, one a day for a week, and blogging about each one. But this challenge is also an invitation to all of you; it has been a great adventure reading and blogging my way through a good-sized pile of books, and I thought it would be great for me to learn about what everyone else is reading. So I extend the challenge to everyone who wishes to participate. Now, I know that most people are busy with school, jobs, and life so I decided to add a little incentive. Whoever reads as many as 5 books over the course of THIS week will be put into a drawing, and at the end of the week the lucky hardworking winner will receive a free book which I will mail to their home. In order to have your name and address entered into the pool you must follow these few rules:

  1. No picture books allowed. The book can have pictures in it, but it must be a chapter book and be no shorter than 100 pages.
  2. You must submit a review/response/reaction that proves you read the book. These submissions will be reviewed, edited if necessary, and published to my blog along with your name or username as the author. If you don’t want your review published, simply make a note of it in your submission.
    1. The submissions do not need to be long, but they do need to prove that you read the book. A couple paragraphs is fine if that is all you have time to do.
    2. Make sure your submissions have a name, alias, username, or other identification so that I can keep track of whom to give credit to.

And that’s it for rules, but there is one more thing to mention: if you read 5 books you will have your name submitted to the pool, but if you read all 7 your name will be added twice!

Thank you all for reading and for the comments you’ve made in the past on other posts. I look forward to seeing your responses! Let the reading begin!

Please email all submissions to my email at thereisabookstoreinmyhead@gmail.com

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