The Revisiting List – Books 26-27: Nicholas Saint North and Howl’s Moving Castle

Revisited List 1

Everyone has a book or two they read over and over again. I’ve known some people who read all the previous books in a series in anticipation of the newest book and others who have created a personal tradition where they read the same books at the same time every year. I re-read books because I and can’t get enough of them. I re-read these books because I was reading them to my wife.

I’ll be honest, reading a book out loud is so much more fun than I thought it would be. I try to read to her every night while she gets ready for bed, but like all good intentions they frequently fall to pieces. The tradition of reading out-loud at night has fallen to pieces and been put back together about once every three months, and I’m simply glad I’ve been able to get it put back together each time. Life, work schedules, and mood swings can make it hard to spend fifteen minutes reading out loud to someone, especially late at night, but it’s totally worth it.

Most people who read have a revisiting list, and everyone who has a revisiting list has a specific reason to revisit each one of those books. Whatever the reason, each of those books has earned a special place in the reader’s heart and yet no matter how many books find their way onto the rereading list there is always room for more. My list of re-readable favorites grows a little more each year.

So what are my reasons? Well for Howl’s Moving Castle I love the stories, I love the characters, and it got me through a boring job. As I mindlessly sent out emails and copy and pasted endless names, phone numbers, and email addresses I would listen to howl’s Moving Castle and the sequel, House of Many Ways, in order to keep myself from dying or intellectual deprivation. Not that these are the most mind provoking books, but they were entertaining, and that was just as needed.

Nicholas Saint North and the Battle of the Nightmare King is a recent addition to the revisiting list. I listened to the audio book during a long car ride and loved it. I had already seen and loved The Rise of the Guardians movie, which this book was based on, so I entered with high expectations and wasn’t disappointed. William Joyce is a fantastic children’s author. He weaves beautiful stories with myth and magic, and the results are timeless. I may not re-read them frequently to myself, but I’ve put them on the list of books to read to my children when I have some.

So enough about my list for now, what books are on your Revisiting List?



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