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Reading a Series: Something I just Can’t Seem to Do

For a while I’ve been in a mood where I’ll read what ever fits my fancy, which sounds normal enough, but now I look at the books I’ve read and I discovered I have a knack for starting a series … Continue reading

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A Man Called Ove: A Book for Everyone

Over the years I have read many books that take root in my mind and become a part of how I think. In those same years I have found very few books that plant a seed in my heart and … Continue reading

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A Fatal Grace: A Chilling Mystery

I have finally read a mystery where I successfully guessed the culprit before the end! YES!!! As I say this I feel strange. I could have sworn that I had successfully beaten the author of a mystery book before, but … Continue reading

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How to Read More Books

When I tell people that I read 83 books last year I always get some variation of the same response: “How do you read that much?” Some people think I read at the speed of light, which is astoundingly far … Continue reading

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Emergency Preparedness: The Real Necessities

Everyone should have an emergency preparedness plan in case of long-term power outages or natural disasters. When crap hits the fan we need to be prepared to shovel it off our doorsteps. So what do we do? Well, the most … Continue reading

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