Welcome to The Bookstore in My Head

Hello Everyone, and thank you for coming to my blog about books and bookish things.

As an avid reader I find myself lost in conversation with others. I’m a relatively social individual, but sometimes I want to talk about the new book I read and I know that no one else in the group has even heard of it. As a result pressure begins to build up within my mind. Books begin to push at the walls, trying to get out of my mouth and share themselves with others. Yet when they manage to squeeze themselves out by sheer force of excitement they find an audience that doesn’t even know who they are. Saddened they return to my brain until the day they can find someone else who will appreciate them.

Does anyone else have that problem? Maybe not with that image, but the desire to share a book but having no one to share it with? This is my way to try and solve the problem. By creating a place where people can talk about books with others who are interested in listening I hope to alleviate some of that brain pressure.

With that being said I hope you will read my reviews, comment with your thoughts or questions, recommend books for me to read and post, and take part in the conversations of others.

Thanks for Reading.

-Samuel Whitcomb


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